Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Grief, advice and prayers

Several times today I was just overtaken by waves of grief that I couldn't explain. On my way home I remembered it is my moms birthday Friday. Then reality kind of hit me as I am going home this weekend and I won't have my mom or dad there. 

Five years ago, in a similar season, my dad showed up my house at a time I was having a lot of difficulty. I felt betrayed by everyone around me and was hurting.  He sat me down for a long talk. He reminded me it is our sinful nature that causes us to hurt those we love even when we don't mean to so it will always happen. He told me my faith had to be in God and not people and I wouldn't be okay until I got my faith back where it belonged. He told me how he governed his life to live for the greater good knowing his reward was in heaven.

I again feel betrayed and alone and this season of life is full of trials. I'm going to be okay though with many lessons learned on the other side of all this. My dad can't speak to give me advice but he did a great job as a parent and I think I have what I need stored up in my heart. 

I share in my testimony when I have the opportunity. Jeremiah 33:3 is my life verse and I truly believe my dad was put in my path to teach me great and might things I did not know. 

This journey is the toughest so far but I know that by the Grace of God, it will work out like it should.

If you have a few minutes to spare, we could use prayer right now.

A Grateful Believer in Jesus

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fish Out of Water

I borrowed this story for this blog. It is

Discovering Your God-Given Purpose

There once was a man who netted three trout from a mountain stream and carefully placed them side-by-side on a thick patch of grass. Before he removed them from the water, they were like a liquid ballet in motion. Fluid. Graceful. Vibrant. Alive.
After he netted them, it was another story.
As the trout lay on the grass, they were motionless. Their eyes were fixed. They gasped for air, and they looked — and acted — stupid.
The man noticed they seemed unhappy, so he talked to them, hoping that his encouragement would change them.
“Little fish, don’t be sad. You’ll like the grass. Just try it out for a while.”
No movement. No response. No change.
A few more seconds passed. The man’s neighbor walked by. “Hey, Bob! Come and check out these fish!”
Bob sauntered over and the man explained that he was certain the fish could adjust. “I’m sure they could prosper here on the grass. Don't you agree?”
“Why not?” Bob replied. So he also tried to tell the fish it would be good if they learned to like the grass. After all, he liked the grass. Why shouldn’t they?
Still, the fish didn’t blink. They just lay there looking dumber by the second.
Finally, a little boy approached exclaimed, “What are you doing? Put them back! They can’t be all they’ve been created to be when they are out of the water.”

Finally convinced, the man carefully placed each fish back in the stream. After splashing for a split second, all three swam away effortlessly. Again, it was like a liquid ballet. What ease! What grace! What beauty!
In that moment, the man realized that no matter how long the fish lay there they would never adjust to the grass, and would never be satisfied — no matter how much he (or anyone else) told them otherwise. Even if the fish tried to convince themselves they could learn to like the grass, they never would, and they would never prosper. In fact, they would eventually die.
Do you feel like a fish out of water? Your prolonged dissatisfaction, God-given gifts, passions and the voices of others could be telling you that you were created for another purpose. And like these fish, if you feel like you are dying inside, listen up. It could be just what you need to push you into another, more satisfying ocean.