Saturday, May 6, 2017

Let's take up space with a conversation about self-love

Today while trying to resolve conflict between my child and another adult, the other adult turned on me. This trigger was without much warning but it wasn't a surprise as the same scenario has played out in my life many times, many days and for many years. My children stood there in horror as they watched this adult scream at their mother and take self-hatred out on her. For them the scenario had also played out many times and many days and for many years. This time was different though. I stood there with serenity and peace, very strong and with dignity, knowing the truth about who I am and how much I'm worth. Because I was able to remain calm, I was quickly able to redirect my children and unlike in the past, the situation fizzled out fairly quickly. What I learned today is, no matter what has happened in the past and no matter what obstacles we have faced and no matter what running diatribes we have bought into, it takes one instance in which we stand firm that we can immediately teardown every barrier that has been between ourselves and self-love and self worth and with our children watching, we can step into a whole new way of life as we embrace our resiliency and smile, knowing what we needed was inside all along. Why am I sharing on this on Facebook? Because people never do and because these are conversations we never have and it's time we step into that space and change the conversation. It's easy to recognize a strong woman but do we recognize the struggles that allowed her to find the strength? 

A Grateful Believer in Jesus Christ, 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Finding My Tribe

We all need a tribe. Those people that celebrate us, even our quirks. When others may say "Sit down and be quiet", our tribe says "Stand up and tell me more".

We are wired for connection and planted in purpose. If we will meditate on this truth, we will see our tribes emerge.

Our tribe is made up of the people we are drawn too. They share our passions and they will speak up when we have just revealed our most vulnerable self and they dare to say "me too".

I'm grateful for the last year. It has allowed me to find my tribe. When others will tear me down and try to destroy me, they have lifted me up, spoke truth in to my heart, and loved me back to life.  Everyone deserves to have a tribe. Do you know who your people are? If not, find them, and love them hard.

A Grateful Beliver in Jesus Christ,